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Care Navigation is a crucial component in achieving equitable health for all individuals. It aims

to create a supportive framework that enables clients to access essential resources and

services by addressing obstacles such as transportation, housing, food security, and other

fundamental human needs.

At its core, Care Navigation operates as a bridge between clients and the myriad of social

service organizations available to them. Our dedicated Community Health Workers team plays a

pivotal role in this process, offering comprehensive case management services. This involves

conducting strategic intake assessments to understand each client's unique situation,

challenges, and requirements.

With this information, interventions can be carefully designed and implemented to address each

individual’s specific needs. Whether coordinating transportation assistance, facilitating access to

affordable housing options, connecting clients with food assistance programs, or providing any

other necessary support, the Care Navigation team works tirelessly to ensure that no barrier

stands in the way of their clients' health and well-being.

Moreover, the process doesn't end with the provision of immediate assistance. Continuous

evaluation and monitoring are integral parts of the Care Navigation approach. By regularly

assessing the effectiveness of interventions and their impact on clients' lives, adjustments can

be made as needed to ensure that the support remains aligned with their evolving needs.


Care Navigation embodies a holistic approach to healthcare, recognizing that health outcomes

are intricately linked to broader social determinants. By addressing these determinants head-on

and providing tailored support, Care Navigation endeavors to create a more equitable and

inclusive healthcare system where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


-Access to Local Resources

-Access to State Resources -SNAP Application Assistance -Medicaid Application/Renewal/ TANIF Assistance
-SSI/SSDI Application Assistance -Transportation Service (Spring 2024)

CareNavigations does NOT provide financial assistance at this time.

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