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Local support for local people

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Our home and heart is in East Texas which is why we are exclusively helping local families.

Financial Assistance

A cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating to a family and extremely stressful. 


More than financial assistance, we provide hope to families in their darkest moments. 


East Texas Alliance of Hope understands that a cancer diagnosis can create a significant burden in the lives of not only the patient but on their families as well. The financial strain caused by cancer treatments can impact a patients emotional and physical health- not allowing the patient to fully recover as they should. East Texas Alliance of Hope is here to help alleviate the financial burden of cancer for eligible patients. 


East Texas Alliance of Hope seeks to provide Tangible Hope to its clients and their families as they continue their cancer journeys. 

Our vision is that no East Texan affected by cancer will walk their journey without tangible hope.

Local support for local people affected by cancer. 

Just this year,


people in East Texas alone will receive a new cancer diagnosis. 

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Whether it's a one-time donation or a reoccurring gift, any amount can make a huge impact.


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Cancer Care


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Care Navigation


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Just Kiddin' Around


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5:36 Kids

Recurring monthly gifts are an easy and affordable way to make a positive impact in the lives of families who need assistance while they make fighting cancer their main priority. Your monthly donation guarantees that no patient in East Texas is choosing between Life Saving Treatments or Basic Life Necessities.



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If you've been diagnosed with cancer and live in East Texas, you may be eligible to apply for financial assistance. All applications are reviewed by East Texas Alliance of Hope staff. If a client is approved for assistance, they will be notified by phone or email regarding the amount of assistance. All checks for financial assistance will be made out to the creditor owed, not to the client, under any circumstance. 


Things we can Help With:

Gas, Electric, Water Bills

Gas Vouchers

Nutritional Assistance

Durable Medical Equipment

Insurance Co-Payments

Medication Not Covered by Insurance

Restaurant Vouchers 

Partial Rent/Mortgage Payments

Lodging Expenses


If East Texas Alliance of Hope cannot help, we will be committed to helping our clients find and secure resources to assist with their needs. 

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